Shop Equipment for Retail, Dynamic Instore Systems, Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Shop Equipment

Impulse Units

We have single and double sided impulse unitsshelves and hooks can be added

Gondola Ends

Longer lasting can take 1.2m shelves as well as standard 914mm shelves.

Signage can be added to the top

Bakery & Flower Stands

Our standard units can both be used for flowers or bakery solutions and is totally flexible.

Shelves or baskets can be moved around or added on.

Fruit & Veg Equipment

We have a range of bulk fruit and veg products.

Barrier Rails & Turnstiles

Barrier rails and turnstiles are stainless steel and mild steel.
Bash rails are stainless steel and will protect your fridges and counters.

Steel Slat Walls

We manufacture modular steel slat wall systems with a range of hooks. A slat wall is a panel installed on walls or used in displays. It is a standard in retail product displays. There are many fixtures that fit into the slats to display almost any type of product.

We manufacture the steel slat wall products where you can buy direct with the confidence of purchasing quality products at competitive prices!

Checkout counters

We manufacture steel counters which are more durable, with stainless steel or granite tops.   Corporate signage can be added to the fronts

Stainless Steel Checkout Counters
Standard and custom made stainless steel checkout counters with space for branding and or advertising. These can be custom made to your requirements. Contact us directly for more info.

Conveyor Belt Checkout Counters
Custom manufactured checkout counters with an integrated conveyor for easy product handling during high volume purchases in a supermarket. Contact us directly for more info.

Composite Checkout Counters
Epoxy based counter tops for small to medium retailers that require a durable yet cost effective solution for their store. Available in a selection of colours. Contact us directly for more info.

Our Products

Barrier Rails and Turn Styles Bash Rails Checkout Counter Checkout Counters
Counters Flower Stands Gondola Ends Half Round Fruit & Veg Stands
Fruit & Veg Equipment Fruit & Veg Displays Impulse Units Counter
Slat Wall Hooks Slat Wall Slat Walls Gondola Ends
Fruit & Veg Equipment Slat wall hook Fruit & Veg Equipment
Slat Wall Hooks Slat Wall Slat Walls Gondola Ends
Slat Wall Hooks Slat Wall Slat Walls Gondola Ends