Showcases for Retail, Dynamic Instore Systems, Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Showcases / Display Cases

We specialize in the manufacture of Showcases / Display Cases. The frame of these items is made up of rounded extruded aluminium and connectors, glass, vinyl, melamine and aluminium feet.  Company branding can be added to all our cabinets.

All cabinets come standard with locks and shelves. Lights and extra shelving can be added. The cabinets allow you to display products that have a high value or high demand with a certain amount of security.

Our practical aluminium extrusion system makes our showcases & display cases sturdy and extremely durable.

Showcases / Display Cases are found in all retail environments where goods are sold. We have a standard range which can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Lights can be added to enhance the product. Mirrors can be used as shelves to give a 3D effect.

Our Products

Full Vision Tower Full vision Showcase Half Vision Wallcase Half Vision Showcase
Half Vision Tower Tower with Header Tower With Lights Tower With Lock
Branded Showcases Wallcase with Header Mirror and Lights Showcase Showcases great for any shop